Monday 2 April 2012

We're looking for UK based digital tech companies looking to expand into the Canadian and USA markets...

Global Innovation Partners along with our Canadian clients are looking for UK companies to attend the Metabridge in Kelowna Canada in June.  

We are looking for senior UK based entrepreneurs and CEO’s who work in the digital and online sectors and who are now ready to expand their business activity into the North American markets.

Last year we had 14 businesses including 2 from the UK along with the financial times alongside 20 investors, senior tech types and business owners from Silicon Valley.

Notably we had Alison Rosenthal (employee number 25 of Facebook), who’d just exited as Head of Mobile. We also had Sam Odio the guy responsible for photo recognition software who sold it to Facebook. He spoke about how to build and sell your business and IP to a Silicon Valley giant and come out on top.

There were also many others there from the likes of investment houses such as C100 and Goldman Sachs as well as software and senior internet business people from Silicon Valley from Disney, HP, Microsoft, Xomo; all willing to pass their knowledge and contacts on to attending delegates.

The event is designed to help digital and internet businesses expand and grow into the USA and Canadian markets. In total, we’re looking to identify around 5-10 businesses from the UK over the next few weeks who will be there alongside 2 UK VIP tech industry speakers. (Details being confirmed)

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